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Decluttering my life.

Hi All!

While I am in bed recovering from a terrible throat infection, I decided to write about my favourite topic, decluttering and getting rid of things that at the end of the day, we don´t need.

It`s been two years since I moved to a flat on my own, no more share houses, FINALLY!!
My flat is pretty big, but I never felt that I had to fill it with a lot of furniture and decorations, when I moved in, I expended almost two months with just a mattress and a "table" I made with cardboard (the kitchen and the bathroom were already furnished).
I was proud of my little home, but my friends and family differed.

They started given me a lot of furniture and stuff. I was really grateful for that, it saved me a lot of money, but I reached a point that I was not happy with my flat.
It was then, that coming out of nowhere, I started watching videos of minimalism.
I am way far from being a minimalist myself, but I do enjoy and share the values of the "movement".

I started getti…