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My minimalist vegan skincare.

Hi all.

A couple of years ago I was obsessed with makeup and cosmetics, I had to try every single product in the market, spending thousands of Pounds  every month for products that didn´t work for me.
I have a lot of cleansers and soaps open at the same time, wishing that any of them will make a miracle (I have had acne my whole life), I have tried million of moisturisers, not to mention I was the queen of toner, exfoliators that I never used, and a couple of mask that when bad or out of date before I managed to open them.

A complete disaster, and my skin was really bad even thought I expended that money on all those products.

Then I changed to a vegan lifestyle and let me tell you that my skin has improved a lot, not to mention I downsized the amount of products to the basics.

Those are the only products that I use on a daily basis, all are vegan and organic.

Pretty simple but so effective! My skin has never been so good before.

 I always begin and finish my day washing my face with …

Minimalist haul in London

Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I went to London for a couple of days. I can say that London is one of my favourites cities in the world, I try to go several times a year.

Is always fun, you always have something new to see, places that you have never visited before... And a lot of shops!
We all know the deal.

As London is such a special place for me, I always tried to gather something that will remind me that trip. A piece of jewelry, a decoration, toys, etc. As I go several times a year, I don´t need to tell you how many "memories" I have from all my trips.

But this time was different.
For the last year I have been trying to minimize my life and  my material staff as much as I can.
I want to be a real minimalist, as I have found such a peace and relief since I started.
Is being a long process and I still have a long journey ahead, but I am really proud of how I have achieved.

So of course when I went to London this time I was really into visiting new places, going to new res…