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Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

Hi all!💚💚

When I decided to use only vegan, organic products in my routine, I was overwhelmed by the amount of products I had to replace.

I am a cosmetic's geek, and I always had to try everything in the market.
My bathroom was always full of products, until I discovered my beloved Dr. Bronner's soap.

I always have seen a lot of people using it, but for some reason I never though it was the right product for me.
Boy I was wrong!

I use the soap bars exclusively to wash my body in the shower.
I also use soap bars to clean my makeup brushes, but I try to use other brands (cheaper if may I say).

On the other hand the liquid soap, I use it for everything!!!!
From head to toe, I wash my hair, my body (if I don´t have the soap bar), my face, hands, clothes, dishes if needed, house cleaning, etc,

I always take a small bottle with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap with me when I travel, and you have no idea how useful it is.

One thing that I have learnt, is that (for me) it works better …

Me, this blog, life...

Hello all (if there is anybody there ☺).

Many moons ago I had a blog, way different  to this one...It was all about fashion and makeup, the latest trends, the best products, labels, appearance, etc.

Things have changed A LOT, I have changed a lot.
My friends always keep saying that I have to open a blog and share my lifestyle, my journey, my knowledge. But I always had the perfect excuse, I don't have time, my laptop is too old, my camera is rubbish, or my favourite one, my English is not good enough (I have lived in England for 3 years now).

But today after my shower I though, "the time will never be perfect,  is now or never".

I know there are amazing blogs out there, mine is nothing special, but I have faith that at least one day I will inspire somebody as I get inspired everyday.

I am vegetarian, I have a terrible addiction to tea, and I used to be a makeup hoarder, massive makeup hoarder!
So far I am trying to declutter my life, get ride of all unnecessary stuff, I …