Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

Hi all!💚💚

When I decided to use only vegan, organic products in my routine, I was overwhelmed by the amount of products I had to replace.

I am a cosmetic's geek, and I always had to try everything in the market.
My bathroom was always full of products, until I discovered my beloved Dr. Bronner's soap.

I always have seen a lot of people using it, but for some reason I never though it was the right product for me.
Boy I was wrong!

I use the soap bars exclusively to wash my body in the shower.
I also use soap bars to clean my makeup brushes, but I try to use other brands (cheaper if may I say).

On the other hand the liquid soap, I use it for everything!!!!
From head to toe, I wash my hair, my body (if I don´t have the soap bar), my face, hands, clothes, dishes if needed, house cleaning, etc,

I always take a small bottle with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap with me when I travel, and you have no idea how useful it is.

One thing that I have learnt, is that (for me) it works better if I dilute it. Normally I add a little bit more than half the bottle I am using, with less than half of the bottle of water.

I have recommend this product to a lot of people, and so far everybody loves it.

As you can see in the pictures I always have several backups, although I must say a little amount goes a long way for the liquid soap.

So far I have no preferences in any particular smell, I just bought a bottle for my mum in lavender essence, that is not my favourite smell at all (I don´t know why) and I absolutely love when she uses it.

I would highly recommend you to give it a try and if you already use it and have  have any suggestion of how I could use it, please let me know.

Thanks for reading :)