Books of the month 📖

Hello everybody.

Today I have decided to share the latest books I have read.

I have been sick for a couple of days, so I have gone for a light reading ☺

The first one is a very old version of The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, by Sue Twonsend.

I have heard many times that is a must read here in England, and I was thrilled when I could find it in a car boots for only 50p.
The edition is from 1984, I cannot imagine how many people have had this book in their hands before me 😊

It was quite good and a fast read. It tells you the story of a teenager and his family, in the 80s in England. They have quite a messy life, and poor Adrian has to deal with the struggles of puberty while everything around him is such a mess.

I think there are more books  in this collection, I need to see if I can get my hands on them.

I already have passed it to one of my dearest friend, I hope she enjoys as much as I did.

The second one was The make-up girl, by Andrea Semple.

Another quick and easy read to entertain myself while I was in bed.
I don't want to spoil the book, but we all know how they end, am I right? 😁
Girl has a difficult life situation, girl meets prince charming, girl's life changes forever and they live happy ever after.

And finally, The boy in the striped pyjamas by John Boyne.

Oh boy I cried!!! Even though I knew how it ends, I could not help myself. 
If you haven't heard about this book, or the movie, is about the holocaust.  But through  the eyes of a child that doesn't understand why Jews people are different than him.
Beautiful story, but prepare some tissues when you read it.

I am always looking for new stories to read, so if you have any recommendations, leave me a comment 😘