iHerb haul

Hello guys.

Finally I decided to try the famous online shop iHerb and I cannot be happier.

Prices are really good (at least they are cheaper than other shops in Europe), they have thousands of reviews that help you choose the products (I already submitted my own reviews), products arrived in two weeks without any problem and so far, all the products that I have seen are vegan and organic.

This is what I bought, basically essentials for me.

First of all, my beloved deodorant Schmidt´s, in Ylang Ylang  & Calendula formula.
I have been using this brand for 3-4 years now, is the best organic/vegan option I have found, and trust me when I say that I have tried almost everything you can buy in the organic deodorant´s section.
They contain baking soda, so may not be for everybody.
I have used most of their formula's, I was really in love with the Bergamot one, until one day my mum suggest me to use Ylang Ylang, what can I say, mums are always right LOL. This is now my favourite one now.
Unfortunately I cannot find this formula in any European shop lately, I was quite concern that maybe the Ylang Yland formula was discontinued, until I saw it in iHerb, and the price....Way better that in any other place.
I bought two and I plan to buy more next time, as I like to share this product with friends and family. Using an organic deodorant is one of the most important things we all should do.

Next I went for some oils, I use them in my daily routine and I run out of them really quickly.
I normally buy small bottles (they are the only ones available) but when I saw those bottles of now solutions with 118ml I was thrilled.
I bought Almond oil, that I use to mix with other oils, and shea butter to make my own body butter, I will post the recipe soon.
And also I bought Jojoba oil, MUST HAVE in my life. I started using it as a serum in my face, I just apply a little bit on my face after washing it and before the moisturiser. It is amazing! I highly recommend this oil for any kind of skin type. Mine is combination skin, the kind of skin that is extremely oily in some areas, and dry as a desert in other areas, sometimes is a nightmare to use products that balance both ares. Jojoba oil is one of them, it will be forever in my bathroom I can tell you that.

And last thing, as I didn´t have any other necessity in my list, I decided to buy something just to try it. Of course it had to be a shampoo. To this time in my life, I can tell you I still haven´t found "the shampoo".
I have tried every single shampoo in the market, from drugstore to high end (ridiculously expensive)  and still i cannot recommend you one that will work like a miracle with your hair.
One day, I know that one day that shampoo will appear in my life LOL.
For the moment the last one I have used is this Acure clarifying shampoo, with lemongrass and argan stem cells. Smells divine, and  it let my hair so clean that can go one extra day without having to wash it.
But my scalp is still itchy sometimes. Having in that in mind, I still  will give it a 7/10, that is not bad. I think is in my top 5 shampoos that I have used so far.

Basically the experience buying in iHerb has been really good, I highly recommend it to everyone. They also have a reward program, but to be honest I don´t know how it works and  I am not affiliated, so I cannot tell you if that program is worthy or not.

Love xxx