My minimalist vegan skincare.

Hi all.

A couple of years ago I was obsessed with makeup and cosmetics, I had to try every single product in the market, spending thousands of Pounds  every month for products that didn´t work for me.
I have a lot of cleansers and soaps open at the same time, wishing that any of them will make a miracle (I have had acne my whole life), I have tried million of moisturisers, not to mention I was the queen of toner, exfoliators that I never used, and a couple of mask that when bad or out of date before I managed to open them.

A complete disaster, and my skin was really bad even thought I expended that money on all those products.

Then I changed to a vegan lifestyle and let me tell you that my skin has improved a lot, not to mention I downsized the amount of products to the basics.

Those are the only products that I use on a daily basis, all are vegan and organic.

Pretty simple but so effective! My skin has never been so good before.

 I always begin and finish my day washing my face with this amazing Aleppo soap by Tea Natura.
It only has four ingredients (the less ingredients the better) and leaves my skin clean but soft, not like other cleansers that leave your skin so tight is uncomfortable.
It does not have any smell, something that I really like, and the bottle is 400 ml, that last me almost a year!

After washing my face I always use a toner, I am obsess with them, but thank God I have discovered that I can make my own toner and save a couple of Pounds.
Now I am using an apple cider vinegar toner, I mix 50/50 apple cider vinegar and distilled water in this bottle (I don´t even remember where it came from) and is works really well.
If my combination skin decided to go really oily, with acne, I may switch to a tea tree oil toner, made with distilled water and about 20 essential oil drops. I would not recommend this tea tree option for dry skin, I know from some friends, that can be a little too abrasive.

But other than that, is a good alternative to expensive market toners :)

After the toner, my favourite part of the ritual, the oil.
I have applied oils in my skin for only a year, but I have noticed such a huge improvement!
This would be like a replacement of the serum, that really penetrate into your skin and treat it from the inside.
Right now I am using this grapeseed oil that I bought in TK Maxx. It works really well, but as soon as I finish it I will go back to be beloved jojoba oil.
They absorb really well, and leave your skin soft and ready for the moisturiser.

I also add them to my body butter, recipe coming soon,

And the last step, the daily cream.
I am in love with Sukin hydrating day cream. I bought the small jar (on the left) from Amazon a couple of months ago, just to try it, and has become my favourite product of all times.
I was really happy when I discovered that I can buy it from Holland & Barret's now, (the one on the right).
It absorbs really quickly, what is fantastic to apply makeup immediately, is gentle with my oily areas and really moister my dry areas.
And the ingredients coudn´t be any better, all natural oils and no nasty chemicals in it. I highly recommend it to everybody.

And that´s it, just the essential and basic products, and my skin is ready for the day.

If you have any recommendation, please leave a message below.

Lots of love xx